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Who We Are 


The Latest innovative product lines backed by globally leading research and counsel 


Technical savvy with tenured concierge focus, empathy, and care

Deeply Interested

Smart, attentive intake and counsel that builds confidence and momentum toward success

Highly Trusted

Making and keeping promises with safety, integrity, and highly dependable products and services

Widely Networked

50+ years of strong relationships and talented resources that connect to deliver exceptional results

Protection + RX Bracing

-Spine, Posture + Osteoporosis Bracing 

-Arthritis Bracing + "Unloader" 

-Ligament Bracing 

-Post-Op + Immobilizing Bracing 

-Joint Protection 

-OTS Foot Orthoses 

Support, Recovery +Performance

-Performance Wearable Training Devices

-Pain Management 

-CEP Compression Garment/ Product Line 

-High-Quality Soft Braces



-Home-based PT

-Telehome - based PT

-Functional Movement + Gait Analysis 

-ACL Prevention + Injury Risk Reduction 

-Custom Foot Orthoses 

-Advanced Electrical Neural simulation For     Rehab, Fitness, and Performance

-Peripheral Neuro-Vascular Disease   Management 

-Remote/Mobile Wellness 

-Performance Evaluations

-Program Design for individuals and   Sports Teams 

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